Logitech Alert 750i Master System -The Do-It-Yourself Security System (Review & Giveaway) WIN the System worth $299! CLOSED

Logitech Alert™ 750i Master System

Logitech’s recently introduced do-it-yourself security system. Logitech Alert is perfect for moms looking for an easy security option to keep an eye on kids and the home. It helps give peace of mind when you leave your children with a baby sitter. It will also give you peace of mind when you are on vacation or at work because you can check in and be sure that your home is safe.

It requires hardly any set up. I really didn’t believe that any security system could be easy enough for “mom” to do by herself. So I thought I would be cleaver and ask my husband to do it while I was out. Well the joke was on me because he did it in a matter of minutes. Not because he is a handyman (which he is not) but because it was that easy. He took pictures as proof!

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