Purex Complete Crystals Softeners – Avaliable TODAY! Softener Reinvented! (Review from a Purex Insider) #purexinsider

I am so excited to announce that I am a Purex Insider! What does that mean? It means that I can bring exclusive information to you. I can bring you the “scoop” on new Purex products before anyone else! There are a select group of bloggers who have been chosen. I am thrilled to be an insider and let the LOL&C readers be the first to get info on the latest news and products from Purex!
The first product I have the honor of trying out before you can buy it is the NEW Purex Complete Crystals Softener.
Get the official scoop:
WHAT IT IS?  UNIQUE CRYSTAL FORM, 92% NATURAL FABRIC SOFTENER-Introducing Purex® Complete Crystals SoftenerTM*; a purer way to get laundry that smells clean and fresh for weeks. 92% natural, this product’s unique crystal form works differently than traditional oil-based softeners that coat fabrics with oily residue, because it infuses fibers with long-lasting fragrance. In addition, since you add it directly with your laundry, this means no more waiting for the rinse cycle, no messy residual gunk in your washing machine, and no more stains from spilling liquid fabric softener.
HOW IT’S USED > ADDED WITH LAUNDRY AT THE START OF THE WASH CYCLE-Why struggle with plastic fabric softener balls, risk staining your clothes or waste time waiting for the rinse cycle? Simply add Purex Complete Crystals Softener directly with your laundry at the beginning of every wash cycle to infuse fabrics with long lasting freshness.

HOW IT WORKS > CRYSTALS DISSOLVE INFUSING FABRICS WITH FRESHNESS-Laundry scent lovers will perk up as freshness is infused into clothes with this new fabric softener. Over time, traditional oil-based softeners coat fibers causing harmful oily residue to accumulate. Purex Complete Crystals Softeners penetrate fabrics to reduce fiber entanglement and smooth frayed fibers providing a naturally soft feel.

WHY IT’S DIFFERENT > SAFE FOR ALL LAUNDRY AND BETTER FOR FABRICS-Do ALL of your laundry—worry free! Purex Complete Crystals Softeners are safe for all laundry and will not harm, wear down or discolor your fabrics like oil-based softeners.cSafe for all fabrics, including baby clothes, athletic wear, towels, and whites. Unlike othercsofteners, Crystals WILL:

  • Preserve the flame retardant benefits of your children’s clothes
  • Retain your athletic wear’s wicking ability which draws sweat away from your body
  • Maintain your towels’ built-in ability to absorb waterKeep your white clothing from yellowing and graying vs. using traditional softeners
  • The product won’t harm your clothes and is safe and convenient for the entire family

My Scoop:
When I read the information above I was very skeptical. As a rule in our house you only use softener when you are washing towels, pajamas  and undergarments. I never use fabric softener on dress clothes. I do this because I hate the oily residue that ruins my dress clothes! I have ruined dozens on dress tops and khakis from using traditional fabric softener. So when I read the claims I was skeptical. But for the purpose of the review and to be a Guinea pig for my readers I decided to use the new Purex Complete Crystals on my next load of clothes.
Honestly I did a small load in case they were ruined. I poured the crystals in along with laundry soap. You do not put it in the softener dispenser. I thought that was odd.
The first thing I noticed about the Purex Crystal Softener was the fresh smell. The smell is strong and fabulous. I wish the computer had a “scratch and sniff” feature so that you could smell for yourself. The smell was so fresh and clean that I was excited to have that smell fill my laundry room!

I have great news! My clothes were not ruined! In fact just the opposite happened!
My shirts came out fresh , clean and oil spot free! The claims are true!
Purex claims that the new Crystal Softener is “Softener Reinvented.” After using the crystals on loads I have to say I agree! This is definitely softener reinvented. It is the first softener I have tried and loved on all my clothes! 
I love that the Craystal Softener is better for my kids clothing. Did you know that the oil in most softeners can decrease effectiveness of the flame retard feature on children’s sleepwear? The residue can build up and make these items less flame resistant! However the crystals do not have this oily residue making it much safer!
I am so excited about the new Purex Complete Crystal Softener! It is available at Walmart TODAY, December 28,2010. It will be avaliable at other retailers in early 2011!
*I was provided on sample of Purex Complete Crystals for the purpose of this review and a member of the Purex Insiders. No monetary compensation was received. There is still room for more insiders. If you are interested click here and sign up! What a wonderful oppertunity! * 
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