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Family Life Blogs
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Mom’s Musings
I am a Christian mom of 5 who blogs about life, does product reviews and has a few giveaways.


Surving a Teachers SalaryPhotobucket

For teachers & parents interested in all things educational! Learn how to survive living on any salary you might have. Learn about great educational products, find crafts & experiments, and great deals!

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Munoz Family Blog!/mymunozfamily

Big Mama 24/7

Reviews, Rewards & Robots!
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Musings From a Stay At Home Mom

Alternative NameThis is my little place where I share my life as a stay at home wife & homeschooling mom to my 3 (soon to be 4 in January!) children. I try to be “real” and I share the surprises, challenges, and amazing blessings along the way. It’s my goal to always strive to walk closer with Jesus and to raise our children to know and love Him.
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Krystal’s Kitsch

A frugal newlywed who loves to shop. Posts typically include product reviews, giveaways, online shopping deals, and craft and cooking ideas.

Crunchy Beach Mama

Crunchy Beach MamaLiving life more naturally, organically, and green. Love promoting eco-friendly & homemade items!

Keeping Up With The Rheinlanders

Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s is about our life in general, with some reviews and giveaways in between.


Mommies and Beyond

Mommies and Beyond is about going green, crafts, Disney, frugal living,gardening, reviews, giveaways, saving money, trying out new projects, shopping, travel and family fun!
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Just Kidding Around Atlanta

I’m a married mom of two great kids. Things I love: my family, crafting, couponing, reading, baking, recipes, DIY home decorating, and more!
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The Knit Wit By Shair

My blog is about my life as a Mom of 3 young boys, my knitting and etsy shop, reviews, giveaways, love of Nascar and anything else I feel like writing about!

Love is Everywhere

I guess you could say my blog is about life, experiences, the journey.

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In the Land of Mom

In The Land Of Mom

My life as a stay at home of my two wonderful kids and the joys of being a mom and wife.
Your World: Healthy and NaturalThis blog is here to share the gift of good health and natural living with you so you can live your best life! You will find great products that I review and have chances to win these products through the many giveaways!

Woven By Words

Started off as Christian book reviews and has morphed into a more personal site

My Life as a Wife and Mommy

My Life as a Wife and Mommy

My mommy blog is almost a year old! I decided to have my Mommy blog so I can write reviews for companies and offer giveaways!!

Blonde at Heart

My blog is about all of the blonde things that I do (trust me, there are a LOT of them!) and the random things that I think of. I work with high school students at my church and post about the things we do, scuba diving, shopping, my nephews and niece, and of course, my hubby! :)


Masshole Mommy

Mass Hole Mommy

Mom blogging about life, family and anything that I happen to think of.

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About Heather Brummett

I am Heather Brummett , the owner of Living on Love and Cents, a Christian, wife and mom of 2 sharing real life experiences. I'm am a Texan, living in Louisiana. I'm a real mom, sharing my real life experiences with the world. Thank you for being a part of my world. To be featured or for information on freelance work contact me at


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