Weekly Weigh in on Nutrisystem (#NSNation) Weight Loss During Christmas? It's a Christmas Miracle!

I completed my week 8 on Nutrisystem. Can you believe it has been 2 months already? I can’t believe it! I was very worried about the Christmas Holidays! Every knows that is when you eat! AND my birthday was also this week! At work my co-workers were bringing me cupcakes, candy, cookies galore! But here’s what I did: I ate one cupcake (I couldn’t say no!) :) But I substituted that for my Nutrisystem Desert. Then I set the rest up by the office door and everyone that walked in I told to take some. It worked!
Today is New Years Eve. Traditionally we eat like crazy all night long. But since hubby has to work tonight I am stocking up on veggies and popcorn. I’ll eat in moderation as I feel like it. :) I hope iy works!
Ready for my weigh in? Drum Roll Please…..

 1.6 pound lost this week! It’s a Christmas Miracle! :)
For a total of 18.8 pounds LOST!
AND… Joel (my husband) completed week 3. How did he do? He is still doing AMAZING! I am so proud of him. He is sticking to the plan! He records everything in his meal planner. Even during Christmas! I was shocked at his discipline!  I have not hear him say even once that he was hungry! And my husband loves to eat so that is HUGE!
Ready for HIS weigh in?
Drum Roll Please…..
HE LOST 2 POUNDS this week!
For a total of 12 pounds lost!
Way to go Joel!

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