Blogging Tip- Make Printing Posts Simple For Your Readers (How To)

Bloggers- Make printing posts simple for your readers

I recently added Joliprint to Living on Love and Cents to make printing easy for my readers. It makes it easy to print shopping lists and other fun money saving articles. I decided this was such a great feature I had to share with other bloggers!

It is very easy to add Joliprint to your blog! This words on WordPress and Blogger! Here are the easy steps you can take to make all of your posts printable.

Click on “Get the Button for your Website”
You’ll be taken to a new page. Click the type of site you have and where do you want the button.
Pick which button style you like
A code will be generated just for you – Highlight and copy that code
Open your blog
Go to Design and Edit Html (I am showing mine in Blogger)
Click on Expand Widgets
Search for div class= “post-footer” (An easy way to find
this is click CTRL F and a search box will apear. Tyle in post-footer and you will see what you are looking for)
Past the code right below that line.
Click on Save Template
Your done
When you click on “View Blog ” You should see the print button at the bottom of every post!