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Posted on Jan 3 2011 - 6:47pm by Heather Brummett
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Mom on Dealz

My goals are to provide others the same deals, coupons, and freebies that I take advantage of and to help you and your family live your best life..despite any financial restraints you may have. This a free website designed to help you save money. There is also “kids corner” and menu planning section.

Turing Back the Clock

The purpose of my blog is to help people go green, get healthy, and simplify their lives without going broke. I am passionate about the environment and spend way too much on grass fed, locally raised beef or organic milk. I have a secret addiction to Cheetos and diet coke that I cant quite kick but I figure its baby steps, right?

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A Year of Baking

A Year of Baking is about my crazed plan to bake every day for a year along with recipes and tips for others who want to bake.
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