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This Mama Loves Her Bargains  

I love sharing with others (by posts, reviews, giveaways) products that can enhance my family’s life or that I think can enhance someone else’s or make it easier. I’m an amateur photographer and love crafts. My family and I work hard to reduce our waste entering landfills and to increase things we reuse and recycle.
Our Kids Mom

I am a mom to 4 kids ranging from 2 to college. I host family friendly reviews & giveaways, share a few $ saving tips, w/a few vegetarian recipes tossed in.

Fun Being FrugalFun Being Frugal focuses on living large for little. I highlight deals, couponing, and general money saving ideas. I also have reviews and giveaways. I love to focus on products that make your life easier without breaking the bank.  Frugality In The Making Facebook
Fun Being Frugal Twitter
Fun Being Frugal Blog 



Mom on Dealz
momondealz My goals are to provide others the same deals, coupons, and freebies that I take advantage of and to help you and your family live your best life..despite any financial restraints you may have. This a free website designed to help you save money. There is also “kids corner” and menu planning section.
Mom on Dealz Blog
Mom on Dealz Facebook
Mom on Dealz Twitter 


Two Boys One Girl and A Crazy Mom  

My Blog is all about to save mom time and money and give lots of ideas and tips to make it thru the day, with product Reviews, fun Giveaways and recipes for a small budget including Crock Pot Meals.

My Munoz Family  


My Munoz Family Blog
My Munoz Family on Twitter
My Munoz Family Facebook  


The Giveaway Queen
The Giveaway Queen  

I host giveaways, give products reviews and more!  

The Giveaway Queen Twitter 
The Giveaway Queen Blog  


Big Mama 24/7

Reviews, Rewards & Robots!
 Big Mama 24/7 Facebook
 Big Mama 24/7 on Twitter
 Big Mama 24/7 Blog  


The Purple Froggie Clay Stuff  

I do product reviews and giveaways, as well as recipes and Polymer clay artist spotlights 

The Purple Froggie Clay Stuff Blog 

The Purple Froggie Clay Stuff on Facebook 

The Purple Froggie Clay Stuff Twitter 

Always Around Boys  

Always Around Boys focuses mainly on reviews and giveaways for everyone in the family.On occasion, there will be posts on home-made dishes and treats, beauty and fashion finds and mommy related posts.

Krystal’s Kitsch

A frugal newlywed who loves to shop. Posts typically include product reviews, giveaways, online shopping deals, and craft and cooking ideas.  

Krystal’s Kitsch Facebook
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Krystal’s Kitsch Blog  


Crunchy Beach Mama  

Crunchy Beach MamaCrunchy Beach Mama is about living life more naturally, organically, and green. Love promoting eco-friendly & homemade items! 

Crunchy Beach Mama Facebook 

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Crunchy Beach Mama Blog 

Simply Stacie  

Simpy StacieSimply Stacie is a Review and Giveaway blog featuring women’s products, books and family friendly items.

Kelly’s Reviews and Giveaways  

I only do reviews and giveaways, I very rarely write a personal note there.
Kelly’s Reviews and Giveaways Facebook
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Kelly’s Reviews and Giveaways Blog  






Ma 2 1 Cute Boy

My blog is a mish mash of my life as a single mom to a tween boy, living with cancer while trying to finish school & raise my son while finding great deals; great products, companies, shops and items to share with my readers!  

 Ma 2 1 Cute Boy on Facebook
 Ma 2 1 Cute Boy on Twitter
 Ma 2 1 Cute Boy Blog  

Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s  

Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s is about our life in general, with some reviews and giveaways in between.  

Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s on Facebook
Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s Fan Page
Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s Twitter
Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s Blog  

Tips 4 Green

I post about eco-friendly tips. I do reviews and giveaways that are eco-friendly. I also post organic, natural, and eco-friendly coupons and deals.
Tips 4 Green Facebook
Tips 4 Green Twitter
Tips 4 Green Blog  



Mommies and Beyond

Mommies and Beyond is about going green, crafts, Disney, frugal living,gardening, reviews, giveaways, saving money, trying out new projects, shopping, travel and family fun!
 Mommies and Beyond Facebook
 Mommies and Beyond Twitter
 Mommies and Beyond Blog  



The Knit Wit By Shair  

My blog is about my life as a Mom of 3 young boys, my knitting and etsy shop, reviews, giveaways, love of Nascar and anything else I feel like writing about! 

The Knit Wit By Shair on Facebook   

The Knit Wit By Shair Twitter
The Knit Wit By Shair Blog 

Mommy Review

A site for moms by moms about the latest and greatest must have products for mom, dad, baby, kids, and tweens.

$aving Toward A Better Life…  


$aving Toward A Better Life…  

one coupon at a time!
My blog is about couponing, including weekly store ad matchups, how to cut costs around the house, saving money on just about anything you have to buy, ways to make extra money and giveaways!

The Thifty Things  

Thrifty Tips, Recipes, Product Reviews and Giveaways  

The Thrifty Things Blog
The Thrifty Things on Twitter
The Thrifty Things Facebook  



Gustosa Giveaway  


I am a blogger from Japan and connecting to different countries by showing excellent products.
Gustosa Giveaway Facebook
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Gustosa Giveaway Blog  

Sweep Tight Sweep TightReviews, giveaways, savings, sweepstakes, freebies and much more!



Your World Healthy & Natural 

   Your World: Healthy and NaturalMy blog is Your World: Healthy and Natural – This blog is here to share the gift of good health and natural living with you so you can live your best life! You will find great products that I review and have chances to win these products through the many giveaways!

Your World Healthy & Natural Twitter
Your World Healthy & Natural Blog  


My Life As A Wife and Mommy  


My Life as a Wife and Mommy My mommy blog is almost a year old! I decided to have my Mommy blog so I can write reviews for companies and offer giveaways!!   

 My Life As A Wife and Mommy Facebook  

 My Life As A Wife and Mommy Blog  




Masshole Mommy 


Mass Hole Mommy

Mom blogging about life, family and anything that I happen to think of.  






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