Nutrisysterm – A Man's Perspective (Guest Post) #NSNATION

Nutrisystem- A Man’s Perspective
(My Husband Joel has been on Nutrisytem now for 1 month. And he is doing amazing. I wanted to get a man’s perspective on Nutrisystem. Joel offered to do that for me.)

Hi my name is Joel Brummett, my wife Heather, got me into this journey of Nutrisystem over a month ago. I have lost 14 lbs that is 3.5 pounds a week, how awesome is that!

 I am not going to lie was tough the first couple of weeks, but when I saw how much weight I was losing, I was thrilled.

I have loved every single food I have eaten up to this date.  My favorite is the Penne Chicken Alfredo , the Meatball Parmesan Cheese Melt, and the Spinach and Cheese Raviloi with Meat Sauce. I really enjoy the all the breakfast entrees such as the Breakfast Burrito, Cinnamon Swirl Granola Bar, Blueberry Muffins, and the Ham and Cheese Omelets.

I want to thank my beautiful wife Heather and Nutrisystem for allowing me to enjoy this wonderful experience and I look forward to the next couple of month as I continue to loose weight.

Joel’s Favorite Nutrisystem Foods:

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