Weekly Weigh in on Nutrisystem & What I ate this week (#NSNation)

I completed my week 9 on Nutrisystem. This week I want to share with you my favorite Nutrisystem foods. The food is so amazing. It does not taste like diet food. Here are my favorites for this week:

Pictured above are: Double Choclate Muffin, Chicken and Pasta in Cacciatore Sauce, Shrimp Alfredo, and Ice Cream Bars.
I am sure you agree that these foods look amazing. And they are! That is what I love most about Nutrisystem is the delicious and filling food. I am never hungry. When I have a chocolate craving I eat my desserts. And the desserts are amazing!
Ready for my weigh in? Drum Roll Please…..

1.2  pound lost this week!
For a total of  20 pounds LOST!
20 POUNDS! I am doing a happy Dance!
AND… Joel (my husband) completed week 4. How did he do? Check out his guest post here. Ready for HIS weigh in?
HE LOST 2 POUNDS this week!
For a total of 14 pounds lost!
Way to go Joel!

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Your support is very important!Thank you for joining me on this scary yet exciting journey! Please also support my friends Heather at Our Kids mom and Melissa at Sippy Cup Mom as they also share their Nutrisystem Experience and join me on this mission to LOSE!

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