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National: $5 for $10 Worth of Organizational Notepads to from SweetDeals is a great place to find awesome deals. Here is a great deal I got in my inbox today.

Here is what they said about these products:
Some moms make resolutions to complete everything on their to-do list, and then panic when it doesn’t happen. Smart moms have accepted the fact that “the list” is a living, breathing, forever-growing entity that will NEVER be complete, and instead make a more realistic resolution to manage it in an effective, fun, and creative way. With today’s Sweet Deal, your productivity will skyrocket while your spending is slashed in half: for just $5, you’ll get $10 worth of notepads from LobotoMe. Don’t let the whimsical name fool you: this mom-owned company is serious about helping you master the art of multi-tasking. Their unique, useful sanity savers are designed to help you do everything more efficiently, from packing (Pack ME) to cooking (Feed ME) to exercising (Fit ME) and much more. There are even notepads for managing honey-do lists, babysitters, household chores, kid’s sports…the list goes on and on (pun intended). And for those times when you just need a blank slate, the ME Pad lets you jot away, delightfully unplugged, to your heart’s content. You may not get everything done, but with these attractive, witty time savers, you’ll certainly have fun trying! LobotoME cares as much about the planet as they do about your precious time. All notepads are printed on recycled paper made in the USA, with environmentally friendly soy-based inks.

You can sign up and have these deals delivered straight to you. :) You can grab this deal for only $5 right now. National: $5 for $10 Worth of Organizational Notepads to from LobotoME.

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