Nutrisystem- Weekly Weigh In And Yummy Vegetable Fajitas (#NSNation)

 I completed my week 10 on Nutrisystem.I was so excited Wednesday to open the mailbox and see a “Special Delivery” from Nutrisytem. I received my 20 pound Nutribear! It is purple (my favorite color). It is funny that a 30 year old can get so excited about a bear! But I did!

This week I want to share with you one of my favorite Nutrisystem dinners–Vegetable Fajitas.
A blend of peppers and spices kicks up the flavor of this versatile Mexican-style entrée. This dish has everything: red and green peppers for spice, corn for sweet flavor and soy to enliven the texture. For a taste boost, spoon on your favorite salsa or a sprinkle of cheese then serve it as suggested in a warm, whole grain roll or whole wheat tortilla shell (not included), or even as a salad topper

I am always telling you about how awesome the Nutrisystem food is so this week I want to show you!

These fajitas are full of flavor! I choose to add tomatoes, jalepenos and onions to my fajitas. I ate the fajitas on a 100% whole wheat tortilla.

Delicious! That is what I love most about Nutrisystem is the delicious and filling food. I am never hungry. EAT REAL FOOD AND LOSE WEIGHT!! AMAZING!

Ready for my weigh in? Drum Roll Please…..
2  pound lost this week!
For a total of  22 pounds LOST!
AND… Joel (my husband) completed week 5. How did he do? Check out his guest post here. Ready for HIS weigh in?
HE LOST 3 POUNDS this week!
For a total of 17 pounds lost!
Way to go Joel!

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  • Hi, Congrats on your move to wordpress. Are you self-hosting or doing Your site looks good. Also a big congrats on your 2lb lost. That’s really great. I’m on a weight loss journey myself. It’s tough but I guess we just have to do it. I’m wishing you continued success on your weight loss. Way to go!