New Mommy Makeover (Not Just For New Moms) Review & Giveaway

It has been 16 months since my baby was born. I still have that post baby body. You know the one– saggy belly, excess weight, and week stomach muscles. Most new moms have expereinced this. I recently discovered “New Mommy Makeover” . This weightloss system is created for moms like me and you. Real MOMS with REAL post baby bodies!

New Mommy Makeover is a result-proven, realistic approach to help you lose weight and counter the effects of pregnancy!

Colleen Riddle created a “proven postnatal weight loss system for new moms.“ This is not just a workout DVD system! She includes a nutritional guide to help with your success in getting that pre baby body back! She created a 3 phase system. I have been one phase one now for 2 1/2 weeks and LOVE it! The phase one DVD includes Colleen and a mom who is 12 weeks post pregnancy! She has that body that we all recognize. I love that she uses her as an example! It is so encouraging to see another real mom doing these exercises!

Colleen Riddle does a wonderful job of coaching you through the workout. I love her energy and motivation. She makes all the move very easy to understand and follow. I am very unfit and I was able to do these moves. She clearly and slowly explains each move. She gives options for people that are just getting started and can not do the full move! For example instead of a standard push up you can do the push up on your knees or against the wall! I love that she gives so many options! This makes it easy for REAL moms like me! Would you believe she actually allows for water breaks during the workout! I was shocked about this and loved it! She says over and over to do this at your pace. There is no pressure to keep up with her.

She concentrates on the WHOLE you! When you order phase 1 you will be sent a nutirtional guide and a guide to interval workouts and other fabulous information. I like that she teaches you to change from the inside and out. Check out Colleen’s blog where you can find a world of fabulous information for moms. She has short videos of excercises you can do at home. She also has articles that are fun and informative like “Avoid the Four Letter Word “DIET”.

I also love that she options for moms who are short on time. What if you could get a “mom” workout in during your kids 10 minute snack break? Or maybe you have a full 30 minutes when they are taking a nap. Either way she has something to fit your schedule. I LOVE the 30 minute workout. It is the perfect “me time.” 30 minutes to concentrate on me. My daughter would come join me when it was time for jumping jacks. I loved that she joined in with me!

Colleen has invited Living on Love and Cents readers to check out her 9 FREE exercisesthat mommy AND baby can do together. These are available to download at The Mommy Makeover wesbite. You can see her fabulous coaching technique in these videos. You are sure to fall in love with Colleen and her workouts like I did! And you can see when you try out these FREE Workout Videos that the New Mommy Makeover is not just for NEW moms! Like I mentioned my son is 16 months old. So no matter how long it has been you can benefit from the New Mommy Makeover.

And that is not all! Colleen Riddle has offered to giveaway Phase 1 to one Living on Love and Cents reader! This is the Phase that I am still doing and LOVE! I feel a huge difference in my energy and confidence level. That along with my Nutrisystem diet has allowed me to cut inches off of my waist! I am excited to start Phase 2. I HIGHLY recommend the New Mommy Makeover and I am so thrilled to share it with you!

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