Weekly Weigh In Week 11 & Slowly adding in Exercise (Baby Steps) #NSNation

WOW! It has been 11 WEEKS! I can’t believe it! This week I started something new— working out! I decided not to workout at a gym or with a trainer. Nothing HUGE. I decided to take baby steps since it has been years since I was physically active! So I started with workout DVDs. One was geared for moms – New Mommy Makeover (see review and giveaway here)  and one was a dancing dvd. I alternated days with these 2 DVDS. Then I also started walking. I walked 30 minutes each day with my kids. This was not only great exercise but it was alot of fun for me and the kids! I am adding this to our daily schedule. I can say taht I was sore for the first few days. I have worked muscles that have not been “worked” for quite some time! But I know it is worth it. I decided not to start with anything major or hard so that I would not e discouraged and quit. I defiatly recommend starting this way. 11 weeks ago I could not imagine doing 30 minute workouts a day and walking 30 minutes a day! NO WAY! BUT since I have lost 20+ pounds I have more energy and i LOVE it!

Ready for my weigh in? Drum Roll Please…..
2.2 pound lost this week!
For a total of 24.2 pounds LOST!
AND… Joel (my husband) completed week 7. How did he do? Check out his guest post here. Ready for HIS weigh in? HE LOST 2 POUNDS this week!
For a total of 19 pounds lost!

Way to go Joel!


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  • I have been reading through your Nutrisystem posts and watched your videos… WTG on all the weight you and your husband have lost!!! I can’t weight to get started, waiting for my food to come in!

  • Tim

    Great job. You can do it!
    Keep up the good work…:)