Strong Mamas Fit Families DVD Review & Giveaway

I made a resolution to start exercising this year. I want to be more fit. The problem is with 2 kids I don’t have the luxury of having time for a jog around the block or a trip to the gym. Even a brisk walk is a challenge when you have 2 kids (one being a 1 year old) in tow. So I went in search of a workout made for moms like me. Someone who is not physically fit and has kids. I came across Strong Mamas. Strong Mamas is made for MOMS! And best of all it is for moms to do with or without kids! So I was excited to have the opportunity to review this DVD. It allows moms to fit “fitness” into their busy everyday lives.

What is Strong Mamas? Strong Mamas offers fitness and wellness programs that are FUN and realistic for your busy life right now!! Every program and plan that we have incorporates life in the family lane, which is often fast paced and busy! You can succeed with our exercise programs because your children will let you do them…in fact most children want to get involved to “help you” get fit or they will at least be fascinated enough to watch you and let you get through the whole workout, something that is a challenge to many parents as they try to raise their children and exercise at the same time!

My daughter loves to do physical activity however most of the workouts I have tried are far to advanced to her. She loses her intrest after about 5 minutes. But one thing I love about Strong Mamas workout dvd is that it has kids working out on it! When she saw the kids doing the activities she was immediately drawn in and excited! This made the workout much more exciting for me too! This also made it easier for me. Instead of trying to find something to ocupy her while I worked out she was doing it with me! The attmosphere on the dvd is very casual. You will see kids lose intrest and then join back in.

That is so real! And I love it!

Another thing I loved about this workout dvd was the you can actually use your child as your weight! For example you can do cruches with your child sitting on your stomach or legs! You can do squats while hugging your baby. This was awesome for me and my one year old. He is the perfect size! And this made things like lounges and squats a lot more fun. When you are focusing on making your baby smile between every squat you can’t help but have fun! I actually forgot that I was doing a workout!

I love that she realizes that all moms are different. Each is at a different physically fit level. For example, I am not fit at all. Since having my child in 2009 I have not spent time on my wellness or fittness. So I loved seeing moms like me that took the workout a little slower than a “fit” mom!

Also there are several options on the DVD. So if you only have 5 minutes there is a workout for that. If you have a full 30 minutes then you can choose the full workout.

Lastly I want to mention it is not just for moms! As my husband sat on the couch watching me sweat, he commented that it didn’t look that hard. So I challenged him. He joined me and used my daughter as a weight. After about 5 mins he was sweating too!

My whole family loves Strong Mamas!

 I thank Colleen Walsh for being a REAL mom and for making a REAL workout for other moms and families!

Buy it Now: You can purchase Strong Mamas, Fit Families for $19.99 on Amazon today.

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