Frugal Fun For Kids (Coffee Filter Butterflies)

This week’s Frugal Fun for Kids is from Mom on Dealz.

This is an activity I did with my students when I taught the 2nd grade life cycle unit.  I had totally forgotten about it until a friend was talking to me about her daughter’s butterfly themed birthday party. This activity can be as simple or as elaborate as you and your child choose.  I have included optional materials at the bottom in case you want to go all out in your creation!  Of course as a teacher, I must add that you should definitely take the time during this craft to discuss the butterfly life cycle.  For those of you who have forgotten it, I have included that as well. Have Fun!

coffee filter
pipe cleaner
spray bottle with water

1. Use the markers to color the coffee filter.
2. Spray the coffee filter with water, wetting enough for colors to blend.
3.  Blot with papertowel or allow filter to dry on it’s own.
4.  Pinch the filter in the middle and wrap the pipe cleaner around it to create the body.  You can shape the excess pipe cleaner into an antennae.
5. Fan out the wings.

For more on this fabulous craft including optional materials and butterfly life cycle visit Mom on Dealz complete post! Thanks Sharon for another fabulous post!

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  1. My boys love crafts and I have coffee filters. Thanks for the idea. We will have to try this.

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