What are SwagBucks?

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People ask me all the time “What are Swagbucks?” “How does it work” “Do you really get anything?”
I would like to take a minute to answer some of these questions. For me Swag Bucks has been the ONLY online service that I have actually gotten rewards from!

What  are Swag Bucks?

Swag Bucks awards you digital dollars called “Swag Bucks”, which can be redeemed  at any of the Swag Bucks Stores.

How do you get Swag Bucks?

1. Sign up

2. Download the toolbar (it will appear just like your other search toolbars)
3. Use the SwagBucks toolbar for all searches. You will be awarded SwagBucks periodically while searching. For me I usually get awarded once before noon, after noon and in the evening. That is the minimum. Sometimes I got more! You will no immediatly because something like this will pop up on your search results page.
4. Go to the Special Offers Page on Swag Bucks site. There are many offers that are completely free to try out and you will get awarded those Swag Bucks after completion. Make sure you read the rules for each offer. Some take longer to post to your account. Also make sure you note which offer require a credit  card or any sort of commitment. I always do the FREE offers!

5. There are Daily Polls that you can do to get Swag Bucks.

6. Shop certain stores on the Swag Bucks site. On the home page look in the left sidebar under “Ways to Earn” and click on Shop & Earn. Many of these shops you get 1 Swag Buck for every $2 spent.
7. Find Swag Codes- Many times they will post “CODES” somewhere on the site. You are not allowed to share the code but you can tell others where to find it. Simply copy that code and place it in the box on the home screen and click “gimme”.

What do I do with Swag Bucks?

1.Your toolbar will keep track of your Swag Bucks earned. At any time you can use those “bucks” and go shopping in the Swag Bucks Store. Everything is clearly marked with the Swag Bucks needed to purchase.
I have used mine on several Amazon Gift Cards and then used them to buy presents on Amazon.
Other items you can get include:
shirts, magazines, movies, DVD players, IPOD Nano, Blue Ray Player, skin care products, bath products, office supplies, MP3 downloads, vieo consoles, video games and lots of gift cards (Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Red Envelope, Crazy Dog Tees, Paypal, Barnes and Noble, Sothwest Airlines, & WII Points). These are just some of the great items in teh Swag Bucks Store!

2. You can also use them to enter “Swag Bucks Swagstakes”. Click on Swagstakes in the left sidebar on the home page and browse hundreds of open sweepstakes. Some are for more Swag Bucks and some are for gift cards and some are for items.

How do I sign up?

It is very easy! Click HERE and fill out the info. They will give you 30 Swag Bucks just for signing up! That is totally free digital dollars you can use to start entering Swagstakes or just get a start on your spending money!

Please let me know if you have any questions. My goal is to help you save more money! What better way than to get free spending money online! :) Enjoy!
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  • I LOVE swagbucks, I make at least fifteen dollars a month in Amazon gift cards. Fifteen dollars doesn’t seem like much…but I JUST search and sometimes watch the tv.

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