Nutrisystem Week 12 & A Wake Up Call

WOW! It has been 12 WEEKS! I admit I took a peak at the scale on Thursday—I was bummed. I was UP! I thought no way! But then this morning I got on the scale and again it was up. :(  I did not take a picture because…well it was depressing. But just for the record the weekly weight in was 166.8. So I am up 1.2 pounds. 

While I was pouting and feeling sorry for myself I recieved some shocking news! My mom, who is only 50, had a heart attach. They did tests and confirmed it was a minor attach but damage was done. She is now set up to see a cartiologist next week to check for blockage,etc.  This is especially upsetting considering my father died 10 years ago at the age of 53. He died of sudden heart failure!

WOW! Talk about a wake up call! I realize how precious each day is! I want to grow old and see my kids and their kids grow. I know that we can not controll everything but I CAN control GETTING HEALTHY and TAKING CARE OF MY BODY! So now it is on! I know that last week was frustrating but I know that regardless of what the scale says I am creating a  healthier body and lifestyle!

AND… Joel (my husband) completed week 8. How did he do? Check out his guest post here. Ready for HIS weigh in? HE LOST 1 POUND this week!
For a total of 20 pounds lost! He has pointed out that his weight loss has slowed down as well. Yes it is frustrating but we will push through!  


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Your support is very important!Thank you for joining me on this scary yet exciting journey! Please also support my friends Heather at Our Kids mom and Melissa at Sippy Cup Momas they also share their Nutrisystem Experience and join me on this mission to LOSE!

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  • It is hard when you hit that plateau to just maintain, lose and def not gain. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You will get through it. Rooting for you!

    • Thanks so much Heather! That means alot!

  • I think you’re still doing amazing, that’s a ton of weight gone! It will all balance out as you go and, like you said, the healthier body and lifestyle are the main thing!

  • Meredith

    Just remember to stay positive and today is a new today (and week!). :)

    It’s a journey and at times we hit bumps in the road, but that’s okay!! :) Try not to be so hard on yourself and stay positive!! :)

    You can do it and we’re here to support you every step of the way!!

    Congrats to Joel — he’ll be getting a new Nutribear :)


    • THANKS Meredith! My mom having a heart attack was a huge eye opener for me! I am right back on track! :) Thanks for the support! NSNation is AWESOME!