Frugal & Fun with the Kids (Valentines Sun Catcher & Grass Hearts)

Sharon at Mom on Dealz has an awesome project to share with us this week. Be sure to stop by and thank her for sharing!
I figured with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we needed to have some cute activities geared toward that holiday this week! I have personally done the suncatcher one but not the grass one. However, when I saw the grass one I thought it was so cute, I wanted to share!
Grassy Hearts
**Note**This craft is one that takes about 2 weeks to complete so it should be ready just in time for Valentines’s Day.

*Grass Seeds
*Plastic Wrap
1. Cut out a new sponge into a heart shape and place on a saucer. Moisten the sponge and sprinkle with grass seeds.
2. Spritz with a water bottle and then cover with plastic wrap (remove the plastic wrap once sprouts appear).
3. “Mow” with scissors as needed. You will have a grassy heart within 2 weeks.
Educational Adaptations: Discuss how plants grow from seeds and how plants need water to grow

Valentines sun catchers
**Note**Please use proper supervision with this craft and the HOT iron!

*Wax Paper
*Crayon Shavings


1. Cut 2 pieces of wax paper into the shape of a heart.
2. Provide your children with crayon shavings and have them spread the shreddings onto one of the heart pieces and then cover them with the other heart shape.
3. Place a towel over the hearts and hold a warm iron with the steam turned off over the towel for about 25 sec. (be very careful!).
4. Remove the towel and punch a hole in the top of the heart. You now have a heart sun catcher to hang in the window!
Educational adaptations: Discuss how 2 colors can blend together to make a new color and/or disucss properties of matter (solid crayon shavings becoming liquid)

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