How to Add Coupons to your Kroger Card

Yes!  You can load electronic coupons to your Kroger card. Here is a great idea for those of you who hate to clip coupons or just don’t have time.  Here is a great way to save even more!

Where to find and upload coupons:
You can upload coupons at several sites. My favorite is CellFire.  You can also upload coupons straight from the Kroger site. Visit CellFire or Kroger to see what coupons are available right now. The available coupons change often. Cellfire updates Kroger every Tuesday. You can load up to 150 on your card. You need to remember that the coupons on your card can not be doubled! You can fight it but it does clearly state it on the Kroger site.

How to Upload:
On Cellfire click on “Browse All” and search  the avaliable coupons and click on the one you want. You will then need to enter your store card information. If you set up an account with Cellfire it will save your store card info for faster loading next time.

If you use the Kroger site you do have to set up an account using your card. Then simply click on the coupons you want to upload. With both sites coupons are generally available within minutes.

How to Use:
Go shopping as usual. Use your clipped coupons. Remember Kroger doubles and triples clipped coupons. When they run your Kroger card any coupons that you loaded to you card that match something you purchased will automatically be deducted. Digital offers, deductions/discounts will appear on your receipt below the qualifying item(s).  It’s easy!

My Tips:
1. I highly recommend you log into your account either on the Kroger site or Cellfire before you go shopping and write down what coupons are loaded on your card. I have shopped several times and completely forgot what I had electronic coupons for. Don’t let this happen to you! On Cellfire click on the “Create Shopping List” button that appears beneath your favorite grocer. You will have the option to print a list of your saved coupons, email yourself the list, or view the list on your mobile phone.

2.Compare your clipped coupons against your electronic coupons and decide which will save you more. If you see Cheerios on sale this week for $2.00 and have a $0.55 off clipped coupon and you have a $0.75 off electronic coupon –you want to use the electronic coupon!  NOTE: Digital coupons do not double.

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Be sure to check here every week to get all the coupon match ups to help you with your shopping trip! :)