Daily Deal: Fashionable Flats from Fit in Clouds only $10!

Great Deal on these FUN shoes! I have been wanting to try these!

National: $10 for $20 Worth of Fashionable Flats from Fit in CloudsNational: $10 for $20 Worth of Fashionable Flats from Fit in Clouds Why this deal is so sweet: You found the perfect heels to go with your favorite party dress, but by the end of the night you can barely walk in them. Sound familiar? Next time, bring along Fit in Clouds. These portable ballet flats are just as smart as they are stylish. Fold them into their matching drawstring pouch, and then when your feet start protesting, swap those uncomfortable pumps for blissful comfort. With several high-fashion colors, outdoor-friendly soles, and a stretchy fabric, they’re the perfect fit for any occasion. About the company: Fit in Clouds has quickly gained a loyal following of smart women who value comfort just as much as style. The portable ballet flats have been popular among celebrities, were named the official 7-Up after-party shoe at the Latin Grammy Awards, and were featured in Elle Magazine, Parenting/Babytalk, New England Bride, Seventeen Magazine, Shape, Martha Stewart’s wedding gift guide, and more. 


National: $10 for $20 Worth of Fashionable Flats from Fit in Clouds

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