Nutrisystem Weekly Weigh in {Week 13} #NSNation

WOW! It has been 13 WEEKS! This was another hard week. For some reason the scale did not move. Let me tell you that the support system that you receive while on Nutrisystem is AMAZING! Really! I am so impressed! Yesterday as I sat so confused and upset that I was not losing weight I remembered “I HAVE PEOPLE”. There are lots of ways to reach my “people”/ You can chat online, email or call your dietitians or counselors. You can also log into the Nutrisystem forum and talk with other Nutrisytem users at any time. You can find people just like you dealing with the same problems and/ or questions. Every time I have had a question I have gotten a response immediately. The same was true this week. When I asked WHY I was reminded of several important things.

1. Now that I am working out (30 minute DVD a day) I could be developing muscle which would cause the scale to not go down.

2. I am not drinking my 6-8 glasses of water a day

3. I need to measure and see if I am losing inches even though the scale is not changing.

4. Lastly I was reassured that I am on the right track and that I needed to stay optimistic and on track!

After communicating with Nutrisystem experts I realized that this week was unique.  This week was about the “non-scale” victories! So for this week’s weigh in I am not showing you the scale I am showing you my pants. :)  I pulled out the pants that I was wearing the day I started Nutrisystem 13 weeks ago!


AND… Joel (my husband) completed week 9. How did he do? Check out his guest post here. Ready for HIS weigh in? HE LOST 1 POUND this week!

For a total of 21 pounds lost! He has pointed out that his weight loss has slowed down as well. Yes it is frustrating but we will push through!


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  • Wow! Look at those pants, that’s crazy!! I love this idea, Heather, it definitely shows that although the numbers might not always move too quickly, you’re clearly doing an amazing job! Woohoo!!

    • Thank you Xenia! You all have been so supportive! Sometimes we need a visual example of our progress! :)

  • Oh WOW! I need to do THAT! You look amazing Heather! I was very frustrated and beat down last week when the scale went UP… I’m there with you! We shall get through this!!!! WTG Momma, you look FANTASTIC!

    • THANKS SO MUCH! This is working! Can you belive we have lost over 20 pounds each! That alone is incredible. I would not have believed it when I started! We can do 30 ….40…. AND more! :) Thanks!

  • Wow, that’s amazing.. I wish I knew it after giving birth..
    New GFC follower through friday Hop

    Have a great hopping day

  • Meredith

    Hey Heather :)

    See I told you, that you doing fabulous!!! I knew you were losing inches eventhough the scale didn’t want to move. You are awesome!!


    • Thank you so much Meredith! You were RIGHT! Thank you for the support!

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  • Emily

    Wow look at you! You look amazing! I am stuck numbers wise too… Maybe I will try this trick!
    You are such an inspiration to me! (in a non brewery way of course lol!)

  • Girl, LOOK AT YOU!!! *whistle* you are doing fabulously. i can’t WAIT to have jeans that big on me!!!!!i bet the scale drops nicely next week

  • Wow! You look great! So inspiring!

    Sippy cup mom sent me and I am so glad I came!

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