Chocolate Valentine’s Day Cake- A Perfect Valentines Gift Under $3

Each Week Budget Savvy Diva brings us  “Frugal Eats”. Different ideas and recipes for cooking on a budget.  This is my favorite so far! YUMMY Chocolate Cake. And I love how she add inexpensive cake decorations to it! Thanks Budget Savvy Diva!

So this is a special edition of Frugal Eats. I am an avid baker – usually from scratch – but for today I decided to go with a box mix because it was on sale at my local Ralphs.

The cake all together cost under $3.00 which is pretty awesome. I made the cake for my Valentine – my husband – so I made the cake in his favorite flavor – Chocolate  with chocolate frosting. Then for decorations I decided to try something new – I printing out different hearts and other valentine’s day goodies from my computer to act as inexpensive decorations.

I was lucky enough to have on hand – some heart cake molds

The one thing to make sure when cooking a cake is that the cake pan is well greased – I use veggie oil – you can use butter or Pam – whatever you use – make sure nothing will stick. It is NOT fun

Again the items that I used were on sale – I typically have a price point for different items – in which I will buy without a coupon. Cake Mix when it is a dollar and under and frosting is under 1.50. What are YOUR price points for these items?

I followed the normal cooking instructions on the back of the cake mix box – separating the cake mix into the three cake mix molds – I only baked them for about 15 minutes. I poked the holes in the cake to release all the excess air. I wanted to make the cakes as flat as possible – so stacking would be easier.

So the stacking begins:

Here is a hint: I flipped the cake upside down – this will REALLY help making the cake flat. No lopsided heart for me

Between each cake I put a thin layer of frosting

Here it looks complete:

Not to shabby – if I say so myself. Now for the decorations and the finished product.

Now I made sure to let the cakes rest for a couple of hours before I took them out of the pan and frosted them – it really helps them from coming apart. The wording on the cake says – I LOVE YOU – I know it is hard to see.

Here is a side view:

Looks pretty yummy to me – what do you think?

This $3.00 cake + my Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Idea – Print Your Own Card

this is be one frugal Valentine’s Day in the Budget Savvy Diva house

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