An affordable, fun and delicious Mexican Dish! (#collectivebias #weeknightmeals)

This week at our mid-week fellowship at church we are having a Mexican Feast. I am not a great cook but I needed to come up with something. So I turned to my trusty laptop. one of my favorite sites is . If you have not tried it you should! It is FREE and all you do is type in the ingredients you would like to use. It generates recipes that you can make based on some or all of your ingredients. I typed in Refried Beans and Rotel since these are my favorite basic mexican favorites. :) It generated alot of options but none with both ingredients. So I also checked out Conagra’s website since they are the creator of Rosarita Refried Beans and Ro-Tel. Their site has a lot of great option as well.

I decided on a Mexican Casserole recipe from Recipe Matcher. This recipe only uses the refired beans however I was thinking I could substitute the salsa with Rotel. I can think of a couple things I can change to make this perfect for me. (You can see my story in action in this Whrrl.)

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I took a look in my coupon box and found TWO coupons for Rosarita Refried Beans by ConAgra! YIPPY!

Here is what you need for this Mexican Dish:
Ro-Tel Tomatoes
1 Onion
Shreeded Cheese
Rosarita Refried Beans

We had to make a quick trip to  Kroger to grab what we needed.


After we had all of our incregients we were ready. I wanted to share this recipe with you. It was so easy and my 4 year old was able to help me. It was alot of fun!

Step 1. Warm Up the Refried Beans & Chopped onion in a pot over low heat
Step 2. Place a tortilla in the bottom of the dish or pie plate
Step 3. Spread Refried Beans along the tortilla
Step 4. Sprinkle the Cheese over Beans
Step 5. Spread Rotel
Step 6. Cover with Tortilla and repeat  steps 2-5 two more times
Step 7. After the 3rd layer cover in extra cheese
Step 8. Place in the oven at 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes
Step 9. ENJOY!

Here is the finished product. YUMMY!

You can see my story in action in this Whrrl.

** I was compensated by Collective Bias for this post and Whrrl. These opinions are 100% mine.**

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  • I love this recipe, I need a little easy in my life. Also, coupons are a great bonus!