We are Family! {#NSNation of Sisters}

On Valentines Day we think of love. For me I think of all of those I love including my friends. And for the last few months I have grown to be very close friends with my Nutrisytem (#NSNation)   Family! I just had to share a little about how awesome they are with you!

It is hard to believe that 14.5 weeks ago I started the Nutrisystem journey! But I was not alone! Melissa from Sippy Cup Mom and Heather from OurKidsMom started then as well. We decided right then we would be each other’s support system. I had no idea how important this would end up being for me!

We have been there for each other through the good, the funny and the ugly. And yes things got very funny and very ugly! We shared it all! There were nights when I wanted to eat “bad” foods so bad and I would text them. Immediately they would text me back words of encouragement. I can only imagine what I was interrupting with my silly text but they replied!

I rememeber getting a text from Heather (Our Kids Mom ) while she was in Target and tried on a smaller size and it fit! Let me tell you I was jumping up and down for her! I felt her excitement!

Melissa has been an inspiration to me! She has been through so much this year and she has stuck to it! She encourages me daily!

These ladies have been so much support to me! And now we have “new” NSNation sisters that have joined us. They are now experiencing the good, funny and ugly! We are kind of like the big sisters now. And yet we are still learning and struggling. I love that our family has grown and keeps growing! You can not have to much support!!

The Nutrisytem program is so amazing! And yes it works! It really works! But Nutrisystem is so much more than food! It is a support system! They have a online forum that ROCKS! You can get answers to everything there! They also have dietitians and counselors available 24/7. You can reach them online and over the phone. I have called on my fabulous “counselor” many times! Meredith has been incredible! She is so patient and informative! I LOVE her! You can be sure when you sign up for Nutrisystem you are not just getting food! You are joining a FAMILY!

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