A Birthday Celebration- Made Easier Thanks To My Malibu!

This week we celebrate my baby’s 1st birthday! The 1st is always so SPECIAL! We decided to try a new restaurant to celebrate! This was a perfect opportunity to try out the On Star in my 2010 Chevy Malibu!

A Birthday Celebration made easier in our Malibu from Heather Brummett on Vimeo.

OnStar is completely new to me. We have used a  GPS system in our cars in the past. I was very interested to see how this would compare to that. Well let me tell you  it is VERY  different! The biggest and best difference is that you talk to a live person! You do not have to pull over and type in a destination or search through screens for what you are looking for. You simply press the OnStar button on the rear view mirror and what for an operator. Something that I think is wonderful is that you do not have to have all your information in order to get help. The OnStar operator will do it for you! For our outing I did not know the address. I gave her the name and city and she found it immediately!

I believe hands down this system amazing! This is so much safer than standard GPS systems. I believe it is faster as well. I am surprised this system does not come in ALL vehicles!

Original Post Date 9/15/10*The Girlfriends Getaway promotion is being sponsored by Houston Area Chevy Dealers who gave the chosen bloggers a 2010 Chevy Malibu to test drive for one month. As bloggers we are to blog about our experiences using the vehicle. We have been given some fun assignments to do and will be provided gift cards to allow us to do these. *

  • jennifer horn

    Love OnStar. I’ve never used it to find a location but it’s great for unlocking doors!