Grocery Shopping in The Malibu

Honestly, other than being on a mission to save lots of money with my coupons there is nothing very exciting about grocery shopping. However this weekend that was not the case. This grocery trip was very EXCITING!
I always have to take my 2 kids along when I shop and if you have ever done that or you do that every time like me then you know that is not easy or fun! But today they were excited too. WHY?
We were all excited because we were going in our new Chevy Malibu! The kids love the huge back seat. No longer are they right on top of each other with no room for any books, toys ,etc. Now they each have there own space and room to move around. 
My daughter has been a great sport through this “Girlfriend Getaway!” I honestly believes she is as excited as I am! We will both never want to let it go! You can see in this video that she is loving the Malibu as much as me!
At the store we were really interested to see how things would fit in this trunk as opposed to our other car. In our other vehicle you have to stack everything on top of each other. Something is bound to get smooshed or broken! BUT the  Malibu’s trunk is HUGE! It is funny because looking at the car you would assume it has a standard “car size” trunk. But this is something in a whole different league! We were able to easily put everything in there with no stacking! 

You will see in the video that the feature we love the most (so far) is the “auto start.”  I used it for the first time on this trip. As we were standing in the 100 degree weather loading up the groceries I pushed the button to “auto start.” How quickly can it possibly cool down in this heat? VERY quickly! By the time we were through loading the groceries and climbed in the car it was cool! This was a brand new experience for us! We are used to a very hot car! So as a mom this is hands down my favorite feature (so far)! 

It was a fabulous day!Who knew grocery shopping could be so fun!
I am thrilled to be driving a Malibu that makes this weekly chore so much easier on this busy mom!

Grocery Shopping in the Chevy Malibu from Heather Brummett on Vimeo.
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*The Girlfriends Getaway promotion is being sponsored by Houston Area Chevy Dealers who gave the chosen bloggers a 2010 Chevy Malibu to test drive for one month. As bloggers we are to blog about our experiences using the vehicle. We  have been given some fun assignments to do and will be provided gift cards to allow us to do these. *

Original post date 9/5/10