Week 15 on Nutrisystem {And my husband is catching up} #NSNation

This week My goal was to workout more. Well that did NOT happen! I felt really bad this week and ended up spending most of the week on the couch. :( I was very worried about what the scale would show this week. I was able to stick to my Nutrisystem plan. I ate alot of greens! Cucumbers and Tomatoes are my snack of choice. Alot more water this week too. That is something new for me. YEAH!
I will say that I LOVE having my husband on Nutrisystem too! Why? Because when I say NO SWEETS for Valentines he knows I mean it because he can’t have them either. :) So that was not an issue for me this week. Thank goodness!
Ready for my weigh in? Drum Roll Please…..
2.2 pound lost this week!
For a total of 27.4 pounds LOST! YEAH! I am so close to 30 I can taste it! :)
That is my goal…Do you think it is possible?
AND… Joel (my husband) completed week 11. How did he do? This week I could really see a difference in him. He was able to wear a shirt that he got for Christmas. In December is was way too tight! It would not button! This week he looked so handsome in it! It buttoned up and had a little extra room! :) 
 This week he lost 2  pounds. For a total of 24 pounds lost!
He is catching up with me. UGH-OH ! :) (Yes we make everything a competition) Another big insentive for me.


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Week 15
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  • Theresa

    Keep it up! You guys are looking so good and so HEALTHY!!!!

  • Way to go!!!

  • Way to go! You are doing great! I swear your scale picture (scale and floor) looks IDENTICAL to mine that I send to Meredith…I wish my scale read what yours does though!!!

    Amy at @harvest42morrow

  • Heather Smith

    WTG Heather! I’m so glad to see the scale moving again for you! :O) How dare you hit 30 before me, though! lol

  • AMAZING, Heather! You are doing so awesome!