Wishbone on DVD Review

The 4-Time Emmy® Winning Series Wishbone Brings Classic Stories To Life For Family Fun!


Arrived On DVD February 15, 2011 From Lionsgate And HIT Entertainment

 If you’re ready for a terrier-ific time jumping into beloved tales such as Robin Hood and Hunchback of Notre Dame, all told through the eyes of an adorable Jack Terrier pup, then Wishbone is for you!


Let your imagination run wild with everyone’s favorite dog Wishbone! The adventurous little terrier takes four action-packed journeys in these beloved classic tales. Join the Merry Men and follow Robin Hood in the Paw Prints of Thieves as he takes from the rich to give to the poor.  In Hot Diggety Dawg and The Impawssible Dream, band together with Don Quixote and Jules Verne’s Professor Liedenbrock to battle giants and monsters. In Hunchdog of Notre Dame, escape danger as Wishbone rescues maidens and defeats his evil master. This clever pup with a nose for adventure will delight and inspire the whole family.

My Opinion: Wishbone is a  Jack Russel Terrier with a very active immagination! He is a literary-minded pooch that takes up on his creative journey with him! THis DVD features classics like Hunchback of Notre Dame with a doggie twist. Both of my kids liked this DVD. If you only have time for one episode this is perfect. It has the stories divided up. However my daughter was so taken by Wishbone that she wanted MORE! So we watched them ALL! And not once but THREE TIMES! Yes we watched Wishbone 3 times today! My 1 year old loved the adorable dog and my 4 year old loved the story. She was able to let her imagination fly along with him. He is so cute you cant help but love this small dog with HUGE imagination!

Buy it: Wishbone came to DVD on Feb 15 2011 for the suggested retail price of  $9.98. Wishbone is avaliable for the amazing price of $6.99 on Amazon right now! A perfect choice for an Easter Basket or as a last minute gift to have on hand. It is great for girls and boys!

I received this DVD for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was recieved. These opnions are 100% mine.