Timmy Time: Timmy Steals The Show on DVD 2/22/11 {My Review}

The All-New Hit Playhouse Disney TV Series, Timmy Time,

Launches On DVD For The First Time Ever!


 Timmy Time: Timmy Steals the Show Available On DVD February 22, 2011

From Lionsgate And HIT Entertainment


A new preschool star is here! The Oscar®-winning creators of Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep show off their all-new preschool play group, with adorable adventures showcasing Timmy and his young friends! Fun, laughter and surprises take center stage when Timmy performs groovy dance moves, genuine acts of kindness, and also learns the true meaning of saying “I’m sorry.” So grab your front row seats for play time with Timmy and his nursery friends in these five lovable tales:

  • “Timmy Steals the Show” – While bossing everybody around during rehearsals for the nursery’s talent show, diva Yabba loses her voice! Yabba is crestfallen that she may not able to perform, but Timmy saves the day by performing for her.
  • “Timmy’s Picnic” – The class is off on a picnic! But during a game of soccer, the ball bursts on Apricot’s spikes. Apricot feels guilty that the little animals no longer have a ball to play with, but soon finds a good use for her prickly spikes – picking up the picnic litter!
  • “Timmy Brings a Smile” – Apricot has brought her favorite blanket to the nursery – of which she will not let go! But when she briefly puts it down, the other animals mistake it for a rag which they use to clean up paint and mud. Timmy tries to console Apricot with substitutes, until he discovers a pleasant surprise in Stripey’s sand pie!
  • “Timmy Can’t Dance” – Led by Harriet and Osbourne, the class is exploring various dance styles, from hula dancing to line dancing. But Timmy just cannot get into the groove! He soon discovers a passion for hip-hop music and wows his friends with his break-dancing moves.
  • “Timmy Says Sorry” – Timmy accidentally kicks a soccer ball through the preschool window! After a time out, he tries to be more careful, but ends up knocking down Otus’ sandcastle with a careless kick of the ball. After much soul searching, Timmy realizes it’s not enough to say sorry, you have to show you’re sorry, too.


  • Timmy Time Sing-Along

My Opinon: We love Shaun the Sheep! He is one of our favorite characters. I love that in almost ALL the shows you do not hear words. YES that is right. You will hear the characteres speak through clucks, barks, meows, oinks, quacks, baa-aahs, etc. It is so nice to have a show that is not full of dialouge. And I am not worried about them hearing something that is “bad”. So hearing that Timmy was branching out for fun with his friends was very exciting to me. I knew the kids would be thrilled too. And I was right! I should have taken a picture of the kids when they saw the case! “TIMMY” Was what my 4 year old yelled! We popped in Timmy Time: Timmy Steals the Show . Timmy did not disapoint. Just as you would expect from the makers of Shaun the Sheep, these episodes were exciting, funny and heartwarming. My 1 and 4 year old were glued to the TV through the 4 episodes. 45 minutes of laughter!  Timmy Time is an excellent addition to your home video collection. This DVD is also a great option to have on hand for a last minute gift or Easter Basket addition.

 You can see more about Timmy at www.timmytimedvd.com. Timmy Time: Timmy Steals the Show will be avaliable on DVD on 2/22/11. . You can preorder Timmy Time: Timmy Steals the Show now at Amazon for only $10.99!

I was provided withTimmy Time: Timmy Steals the Show for this review from Lionsgate. All  opinions are my 100% mine and were  not influenced, nor reviewed, by the company prior to posting.