Nutrisystem Week 16 Weigh In {Exciting Beyond The Scale Victory} #NSNation

This was week 16 on the Nutrisystem plan.  I have EXCITING news to share! This is what I call a “beyond the scale victory”. This week my pants were VERY LOOSE! So much so that they were falling off. That is good I know but …not if all of your pants are falling off and you have nothing to wear. Then I remembered putting clothes in the attic a long time ago. When I was pregnant with our daughter. I assumed that after she was born I would be able to fit back into them. (haha I know!) And they have been up there ever since. My daughter that I am talking about is turning 5 next month. So this was 5 1/2 years ago! Obviously I did not go back to my pre pregnancy size and then I had baby #2 and just forgot about that size! WELL this week I pulled them out and tried them on. THEY ALL FIT! I felt like a I hit the JACKPOT! It has been 5 1/2 years since I was this size! These clothes fit perfectly! They were not even tight! I was thrilled beyond words! Nutrisystem has helped me get back to the size I was before my 1st child. I wish there was a camera on me when I was trying the clothes on! You would have something to laugh at. I was like a child on christmas!!!

 So I cleaned out my closet of the clothes I have been wearing for over 5 years. I took them ALL out! See…


Bye bye “big clothes”! Then I filled my closet up with my old/ new size! This is so exciting!


Ready for my weigh in? Drum Roll Please…..


0.6 pounds lost this week!

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