Frugal Meal Idea (Under $5)- Grilled Chicken w/Soy Sauce infused Veggies & side of mushroom risotto

Each week Sara from Budget Savvy Diva brings us an affordable and delicious recipe. I love this week’s recipe! She took things she had on hand and made something amazing from those items. Look at this recipes for Grilled Chicken w/Soy Sauce infused Veggies – side of mushroom risotto . Visit Budget Savvy Diva for more money saving tips.

1/2 of Tyson Chicken Strips – 1.50 – the other half was used -in this recipe: Frugal Eats” Pasta with a Homemade Tomato Sauce ( Green Beans and Broccoli ) with Grilled Chicken Breast – and Homemade Garlic Bread

1 box of mushroom risotto – 1.99

Bad of Veggie with Soy Sauce – 2.50
I picked these ingredients on a number of factors.
1) Time: I not only try and make recipes that cost under $5.00 BUT under 30 minutes – so all of these items will cook in 30 min or less.
2) Cost – Try to have it under $5.00 – all these product will not require me to use other things in my kitchen like cheese or butter ( which will raise the cost of the meal)
Here are some pictures of the cooking process:
I heated up 1 tablespoon of olive oil added the chicken – cooked over medium heat for 5 minutes then added the veggies – smelled great.
I know the risotto does not look pretty – but it is yummy – my husband could eat a whole bowl of it.
The finished product:
Grilled Chicken with Soy Sauce infused Veggies – with a side of mushroom risotto
Not to shabby -
How does it look to you??

Sara Lundberg

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