**Ground Beef Recall**

A HUGE thank you to Budget Savvy Diva for the information on this recall! She will be making recall announcements a daily occurrence now at Budget Savvy Diva – so you are informed of Recalls as they happen. Who wants old news?

It is important to know if there are recalls happening to products that you have purchased. I recently bought a bunch of products that were recalled a short time later – I was just lucky enough to find out about recall.

Ground Beef -

14,000 pounds of ground beef because it may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7 bacteria, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Creekstone Farms Premium Beef, of Arkansas City, Kansas, was recently lauded in its hometown paper for successfully reaching high-end markets from Wichita to New York City. The recall affects five products marked with “EST. 27″ inside the USDA mark of inspection (weights are approximate):


BEEF FINE GRIND 81/19 NATURAL, containing 10-pound chubs (40-pound case)
Product code: 80185

BEEF CHUCK FINE GRIND 81/19 NATURAL, containing 10-pound chubs (40-pound case)
Product code: 80285

BEEF SIRLOIN FINE GRIND 91/9 NATURAL, containing 10-pound chubs (40-pound case)
Product code: 80495

BEEF FINE GRIND 90/10 NATURAL, containing 5-pound chubs (40-pound case)
Product code: 85165

BEEF FINE GROUND 93/7, containing 10-pound chubs (60-pound case)
Product code: 86191

The ground beef was shipped to Arizona, California, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington. The ground beef may have been repackaged and relabeled for consumer sale. The USDA will report retail products affected as information becomes available on its website.

Customers can call Jim Rogers at 620-741-3352 for more information.

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