Nutrisystem Week 18 {Look what I got this week} #NSNation

This was week 18 for me on the Nutrisystem plan. Be sure you check out my video on a typical day on Nutrisystem. This will give you a good idea of the foods I eat to help lose weight. Trust me you will be surprised and amazed!

Look what I got this week! Nutrisystem has the awesome award program that rewards every 10 pounds with a Nutribear. For every 10 pounds lost you recieve a bear. All you have to do is use the FREE online tools to track your weight. Remember I hit the BIG 30 pound mark last week? Within days of this milestone a beautiful light blear bear arrived at my door. Nutrisytem is so wonderful! I love how they work so hard to keep you encouraged and motivated! Here is my lovely Nutribear collection. :)


This is week I continued the  Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred . WOW! It is STILL tough! And did not expect that it would increase my appetite so much! Like I said last week, I am not used to working out so this was not a side effect that I knew could happen. So I ate alot of my free veggies this week. ALOT! And I drank alot of water! Another new thing for me. I tried adding cucumber slices to my ice water and it was delicious! It gave it a nice flavor.  So I was expecting big results this week!


Ready for my weigh in? Drum Roll Please…..
2 pounds gained this week!
Ok… not what I was expecting.
People keep saying it must be muscle gain. That is possible. But I think everyone can understand how tough it is to see a GAIN when you are working your booty off.
My Nutrisystem buddy Heather from Our Kids Mom reminded me that she gained a little last week when she was working out. And she asked if I had taken my measurments. Maybe I lost inches. So I got out the the measuring tape. I did not measure the week I started the workout dvd but I did when I started Nutrisystem and I thought it was important to share my inch loss since I started. :)
Starting Waist  43 in – Current Waist 36 in
Starting Arms 14in – Current Arm 12 in
Starting Thigh 26 in – Current Thigh 23 in
WOW That makes me feel better! :) That is why I love the Nutrisytem family! They keep me positive and on track! They are the best!
 AND… Joel (my husband) completed week 14.He is coming to the end of his Nutrisystem journey. He wanted to end with a bang! How did he do? This week he lost 2 pounds.  For a total of 30 pounds lost! I am SOOO proud of him!


Starting Weight

Week 18
Your support is very important!Thank you for joining me on this scary yet exciting journey!Please also support my friends as they also share their Nutrisystem Experience and join me on this mission to LOSE!
Heather at Our Kids mom
Melissa at Sippy Cup Mom
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  • wow, congrats on the inches and earning another bear. Keep up the awesome work.

  • Wow, Heather! Those measurement differences are awesome! And the fact that you have lost 30 pounds is so inspiring to me – I so want my one Nutribear to have a buddy! :)

  • Yeah Heather! Congrats on your inches lost! I only worked out HARD once this week. That gain last week took the wind out of my workout sail so to speak LOL. I’m so proud of you lady! Keep up the great work!

  • Lauren

    AWESOME!!! Keep it uP!! You are doing sooo well!

  • OMG your inches are phenomenal!! GO MAMA!! I’m proud of you!

  • Congrats! I really hope I’ll get this opportunity too! It’s highly needed. =D

    Blog hopping from Hop Along Friday! I’m your new follower and would love a follow back!

  • Meredith

    Hey Heather!

    You are doing amazing!! Remember, that when we start exercising a lot, our muscles get sore (especially in the beginning), in which we’ll retain water — but it’s only temporary :)

    So glad you are also enjoying your Nutribear family too!! Joel has a bear coming his way too!


  • Kim

    That’s awesome on the inches!! How exciting!!!! I can’t wait for some of mine to disappear! LOL