Walgreens Trip 3/13/11 — $53.92 Value for $12.78

I had a great trip today at Walgreens. I want to share my savings with you. And show you how to do the same.

I will post my best trip each week. Please share your trips with me too! I want to see how much money you all save!

So BRAG! Tell us what you got and what you saved!

This Walgreens Trip I saved $41.14

I had to do 2 transactions because of the Purex and Diapers Deal. Here are my recipts to see what I got and how I saved. I hope this helps more than we telling you. :)


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  1. I went Friday and spent $19.32 and saved $64.50.

  2. I really need to start doing this! I am always worried I will buy things I don’t need because I have coupons but this is all stuff I would use! You go girl!

  3. HOLY COW! That is awesome! I wish I could do the same. I have no idea how you ladies do this. I’ll admit, I usually have coupons for stuff, but am so disorganized that I forget to use them. I leave them at home or totally forget I have them in my purse. Amanda = FAIL.

  4. Isn’t it fun when you do this! I am new to coupons but I LOVE that you can do that. Hope I find some deals this week i’ve been slacking last.

  5. I seriously love using coupons!

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