Don’t Miss Tonight’s FREE Parenting Webinar

Today is the day! I am so excited!

You are invited to a FREE Webinar: Get Kids to Listen without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling!

Who Should Attend: Frustrated parents of kids ages 2-16

What You’ll Learn: Amy McCready, Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions will present a strategy-packed, interactive, LIVE online webinar designed to teach you…

  • why kids really misbehave – it’s probably not what you think!
  • how your personality may actually fuel misbehavior
  • the 5 R’s of Fair & Effective Consequences so kids listen the first time you ask
  • training resources to reduce your parenting stress & stop nagging, reminding & yelling

When: TODAY March 17th from 9-10pm Eastern/8-9pm Central / 6-7 pm Pacific.

Does this sound familiar??

“What’s going on here? What’s the matter with kids these days? They just don’t listen! In my day…my parents gave me “the look” and I knew it was “listen or else!”

It’s not that kids are “different” today. They still have the same genetic make up as in generations past, but they are raised in a different environment with unique social influences…and that impacts how we parent.  It influences what strategies will be successful in correcting misbehaviors and empowering kids to be independent, responsible and self-sufficient. Often today, giving “the look” or saying “because I said so” doesn’t work, and parents are at a loss for what to do instead.

Positive Parenting Solutions will give you the discipline strategies that do work!

I’m excited to partner with Amy McCready of Positive Parenting Solutions to offer a FREE LIVE WEBINAR TRAINING March 17th from 9-10pm Eastern/8-9pm Central / 6:00-7:00 pm Pacific.

We can chat throughout the webinar and you can ask your own questions and get answers from Amy!

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