Feel Glamorous with Glisten Hair Charms (Review & Giveaway)

When preparing for our Princess Party I went searching for things that would add sparkle and glam to the party! While searching I discovered Glisten. I was thrilled to try it and share it with you! Glisten is an iron-in hair charm that makes locks sparkle.   All materials are non toxic, heat-resistant, and durable.  The tiny crystals adhere to strands of hair safely and easily with the use of a flat iron – and remain in place until hair is washed. The hair charms can be blow-dried, flat ironed, or curled.

Check out this video:

My daughter and I wanted to give these a test run before the party. We spent about 1 hour adding the Glisten hair charms to our hair and getting ready. It took 1 hour because it was both of us and we wanted them just perfect. We also styled out hair after adding the charms.  Adding the charms alone only took a few minutes! We followed the 4 simple steps listed on their website.

Simple 4 step instructions:

1. Take the product out of its package and cut it to fit the length of your hair.

2. Separate the white and clear layers. Place the sticky side of the clear layer with the jewelry on your hair.

3. Preheat your flat iron for about 30 seconds. Then, iron the jewelry with the transparent film.

4. After the jewelry has been sturdy fixed on your hair, simply peel off the clear film.

It was so easy and fun to apply the Glistento our hair! My daughter has fine hair and I have thick hair but the Glisten strips worked for both of us! I really doubted that it would stick to my thick, hard to manage hair. But it did! We both were glamorous wearing Glisten! Then the next day we were both ready to take the sparkles out. It was very easy to remove Glisten Hair Charms! We just washed our hair as normal and they came out.

Glisten hair charms are  fun for girls and women  to put in their hair – for princess parties, cheer leading, dances, first dates, for Quinceneras and Bat Mitzvah parties, for anytime a gal wants to look extra special! Glisten Hair Accessory is  for Princesses and is perfect for our party! I highly recommended Glisten for you or your little girl. No matter what the age Glisten is fun and glamorous!

Buy it : Glisten comes in five  sparkly colors : light pink, baby blue, soft green, rainbow and clear.  Each pack comes with 6 Strips of 12 Glisten, acrylic crystals (includes a total of 72 crystals). Glisten is available for $19.95 at www.micabeauty.com.

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