PureAyre – The SAFE Odor Eliminator That REALLY Works! (Review & Giveaway)

A friend of mine recently recommended a new product to me called PureAyre. It’s the only 100% safe food grade odor eliminator on the market. Since I try to make my home as healthy and safe as possible I wanted to know more! I checked out the PureArye site and was so excited at what I read!  Here are a few lines from the PureAyre site:

PureAyre Eliminates Every Odor

Your nose knows: There are hundreds of odors in nature that tell us when something is wrong. The interesting science behind this is that there are only a few groups of compounds that are the cause of all these odors, including petroleum products (like gasoline and diesel), sulfides (like rotten eggs and skunk), ammonia (like urine) and aldehydes (like formaldehyde, a known carcinogen).The enzymes in PureAyre cleave the bonds of the molecules that make up these odor-causing compounds. And PureAyre is the only product that contains all the enzymes needed in a high enough concentration to do the job. As a result, PureAyre literally cleans the air and permanently gets rid of the source of odors leaving you with pure air.

PureAyre is both strong and safe because it’s made from natural ingredients. And it’s the natural ingredients that make it such a powerful odor eliminator. Advanced biotechnology has made it possible to bring together just the right plant-derived enzymes in just the right combination to specifically target and break down all five groups of odor-causing compoundsfound in nature. As a result, PureAyre permanently eliminates odors, even persistent odors like cat urine and cigarette smoke.

So I HAD to try this product! I was super excited to have the opportunity to review the PureAyre Odor Eliminator for Baby. I was so excited when it arrived! I received the 14oz  and 4oz bottle of PureAyre.


We had a stinky diaper pail ready and waiting to be sprayed! My son’s room is one of the hardest rooms to keep odor free. With the diaper station and diaper pail it is a never ending battle. Seems like no mater how often we clean and dump the pail I can smell “that smell”. You know that “diaper smell” ? Yes that is the one.


I hate to walk in my house and feel like it smells like diapers! It is embarrassing! I have tried Febreeze, Lysol and countless other air fresheners. They just cover up the smell for a very short time. It seems like the smell is never REALLY gone though. Then the “diaper smell” comes back! As you can see in the picture my husband did the honors of spraying the nursery. He laughed while he did it and said it was justgoing to be  another “cover up” air freshener.(He was very skeptical)

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