Nutrisystem Week 20 Update (#NSNation)

This was week 20 for me on the Nutrisystem plan. Be sure you check out my video on a typical day on Nutrisystem. This will give you a good idea of the foods I eat to help lose weight. Trust me you will be surprised and amazed! Later today you will see a vlog on the Nutrissytem App. Stay tuned for that!

So this week was frustrating. It occurred to me that I have not lost weight in 4 weeks. Apart from the 2 pounds I gained and then lost the following week, nothing has happened! Yes this is frustrating. And this is the point I would have throw in the towel before. I would just give up. But not this time. I am determined to make it to my goal!

So I called the fabulous Nutrisystem Dietitians. You can talk to them online or over the phone. I called and got a sweet girl named Heather. I explained my situation. I told her my frustrations and that I needed help. She was so supportive. She had me talk her through a  typical day for me on Nutrisystem. I told her how I have been doing the same thing for 20 weeks and it just STOPPED working the last 4 weeks. She gave me lots of great advice. Her advice was specific for my situation. I would HIGHLY recommend if you are using Nutrisystem that use utilize the services avaliable to you like the counselors and dietians! They are fabulous and want you to do well! So…. I will start the new things that she suggested today! She said this should show results by next week. Hopefully I will have a loss to share with you next week. :)

I do not have an exciting weigh in for you. But I want to show that I am a REAL person and share this journey with you.( The good and the bad) So here it goes…

Yep–the same as last week.

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