Weekly Weigh In — Week 21 on Nutrisystem #NSNation

This was week 21 for me on the Nutrisystem plan. I can not believe how my body, mind, attitude and health has changed over the last 21 weeks. Who knew that in that amount of time you could really change your whole way of living! But I have. The way I think about food and physical activiy is completly different. The way I feed my husband and children is different.

Last week I wrote about how frustrated  I was to have hit a wall! After 4 weeks of no change I was ready to throw in the towel. It felt like it didnt work for me anymore. I mentioned that I called and talked to a fabulous  Nutrisystem Dietitian . (They are avaliable online and over the phone) She gave me some advice that I started using last Friday. She had me change up a few things. Still on the plan but “mix it up” a little. Get my body out of the routine it was used to.
Well I switched it up like she suggested. I even called Wednesday with more questions. With switching things up I was never hungry. I had to MAKE myself eat to get in all of my servings. haha It’s funny to say that I am on a diet and I have to eat MORE to LOSE! So what happened?
Here is my weigh in…. Drum Roll Please…

I am sorry it came out so blurry! But it says 158.4. Oh yes it does!!! That means I broke through and LOST 1.4 pounds  this week!!!!!! It is blurry because I was jumping up and down with excitement. :) 1.4 doesnt seem like much but after being STUCK for 4 weeks I could not be happier! Hopefully I am back on track to start losing again!

Be sure you check out my video on a typical day on Nutrisystem. This will give you a good idea of the foods I eat to help lose weight. Trust me you will be surprised and amazed! Also I have a video on the Nutrisystem app that you can check out here.



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Week 21
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  • Yippee! Great job getting past that plateau! How exciting!

  • Oh girl, that’s wonderful!!! (knuckle taps) So glad to hear of your success, aren’t those plateau’s a pain?!? LOL Thanks so much for visiting sweetjeanette.com and following!!! I’m now your follower too! Loving the #ubp11, aren’t you?

  • YAY! Good for you, Heather! That’s awesome! No wonder you were jumping up and down, it’s so great that you got past that plateau!

  • jenny willis

    I’m happy this is working for you :)