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My daughter turned 5 this weekend. She is the ultimate “girly girl”! She loves princess, fairies, barbies, etc. In fact all that she wanted for her birthday was the latest Barbie movie- Barbie: A Fairy Secret on DVD. And of course I was going to get it for her! That is all she wanted!

Since I love to be crafty and am always looking for fun projects for us I had my wheels turning to come up with project to go with this movie. When I heard the idea of making Paper Dolls I was so excited! I felt like I was the 5 year old. So we set out to Walmart to get the supplies and the DVD. This trip was a little tricky because I did not want her to know I was getting her the dvd. So I made it seem like we were just getting supplies for the project. And she could show me the DVD she wanted as well.

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She was THRILLED to get A Fairy Secret on DVD! Look at this face!


It only took a few minutes for the DVD to get from the gift bag into the the dvd player. I was thrilled to sit and watch it with her.This movie continues on fabulous line of Barbie movies. We have many of them. This one was different and we loved it! As it starts out Barbie and Ken  are at her movie premiere. Barbie’s co star Raquelle does not like her and tries to make Barbie look bad at the Premier. Barbie is mad and decides to confront her but quickly her attention is turned as Ken is snatched away by Fairies! Barbie and Raquelle have to work together to find Ken, figure out what is going on and then save the day! They, along with Barbie’s friends (and Fashion Fairies ), set out on this journey. It is a magical Fairy journey! Barbie and Raquelle get magical wings and explore Gloss Angeles! They work together to free Ken! Along the way the rivals discover the power in love, friendship and forgiveness! After the DVD is over you can not help but feel a since of love and friendship! It is so heartwarming! Barbie: A Fairy Secret is available at Amazon right now.

Then later that day we were able to do our craft project. Honestly I think I enjoyed it as much as she did! Here are a few steps if you would like to make paper doll fairies too. Here is a step by step on how to make paper dolls using Elmer’s Foam Board.

1. I used a barbie to outline the doll shape.

2. My outline


3. Cut carefully using a box cutter or Xacto Knife.
4. One board made 4 dolls

5. Now for decorating. Let her imagination go crazy! (We used glitter pens to decorate some of the dolls.)

6. I used the remainder of the foam board to cut out wings. Place Elmer’s glue on them.


7. Place on the back of the dolls.

8. Use the felt with adhesive backing to make clothes.


9. We decorated the wings with sequins.


This was FABULOUS and FUN mother and daughter time!

Our complete paper dolls. Each are very unique.


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