REBECCA ST. JAMES’ “I Will Praise You” CD Review & Giveaway

REBECCA ST. JAMES’ “I Will Praise You” Released TODAY 4/5/11. I was THRILLED to have the opportunity to listen to this CD before it hit the shelves. As a christian music listener, I am a huge Rebecca St James fan! It has been years since she released a solo album. So this cd is exciting for her as well as her fans! You can see in this video her mission behind this CD. I can see her joy and passion behind this album.

I read an interview of Rebecca St James on her site. I found the answer below also very clear on the mission of this CD. This really shows what you can expect from “I will Praise You.”

How did you approach the making of I Will Praise You and how did it differ from your other albums?

It was different because number one, it’s a worship album. I write about 75% of my studio albums myself. But I went into this project going, you know, I’m very willing to take other people’s songs that capture my heart and record those. As I started writing for the album and different subjects and themes were coming up I felt were what God was calling me to write about, the songs were flowing, and there was inspiration, I was actually surprised at the end of the day that I was co-writing five out of the ten songs. But I didn’t go into this album feeling any pressure that I had to write the whole thing. I was like, God you have your way and provide the songs that need to be on here. It’s quite a peaceful, easy process.The difference musically . . . generally with an album my producer and I will go in and we’ll program every song and then go into the studio and bring other musicians in to be the band around that program track. It was the opposite on this album. We recorded with a blank slate with the band, and then put programming in on the back end, so I think it actually creates a different sound for me.”

The title song on this album is my very favorite! I LOVE “I will praise you!” This song makes me want to dance and sing along! I can’t help but sing this song out loud! My daughter started singing along with me after the 3rd time I listened to it! It was amazing having my 5 year old singing along with me! Hard to describe how happy that makes my heart!

While that is my favorite song, I have to say all the songs are amazing! You will hear  Rebecca’s version of “You never let go” which is another that I love to sing along to! The collection of worship songs on this CD are a great balance of slow and up beat.

This CD is very moving and makes you want to worship along with her! I found it awesome that even my children loved this cd. They enjoyed the soft and soothing voice that Rebecca has. I enjoy the words as well as her voice! She does not disappoint! This CD is everything I hoped it would be. And it is everything you would expect from Rebecca!

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