Mutsy Grow Up! Booster Seat Review

MUTSY GROW-UP! Booster Seat

The most stylish seat at the table for babyMutsy’s Grow-Up! booster seat allows baby to sit in the average grown up chair safely and comfortably.  Grow-Up! features a clever 5 point harness to ensure baby is securely fastened.  The easy to clean, easy to transport seat is ideal from when baby can sit unaided to approximately 4 years of age.

Available in:   Mandarin, Apple, Nut, Raspberry, Aqua, Blueberry Recommended Retail: $59

My son is 19 months old now and growing so fast! We recently stopped using the highchair. The booster seat that we started using was not one that I was happy with. I felt like he was not securely in place. Also he did not like it. It seemed like he could not sit still and wanted to get up from the table as quick as possible. I was so excited to try out the Grow Up! Booster Seat on him.

The first thing I loved when I took it out of the box was the sleek and contemporary look. It is beautiful! But that was only the beginning. When I got the seat unwrapped I was able to feel it. WOW! This is without a doubt the softest and most comfortable child’s seat I have ever felt! I wish they made chairs for grown ups that were this soft. I knew he would love it! And I was right. He was thrilled to have a new chair. I could tell that he was amazed out how comfortable it was as well.

And then I realized something else fabulous about this booster seat! It puts safety 1st! There are straps for under the seat and around the back of the seat. And then there is a 5 point harness that makes this seat very secure! There is no way he can fall or climb out of the Grow Up! booster! There is a great animation here for you to see how the Grow Up works.

Mutsy carries a large line of baby gear. The stroller line is very impressive. I hope to own one very soon! The Mutsy Rider Range (4Rider, 4Rider Light, 4Rider “Next”) is now offered in Team Purple and Active Champagne, in addition to Cargo Grey, Active Coffee, Active Black (Charcoal), Team Lime, Team Navy, Team Brown and Team Red. Mutsy Stroller line is awesome! Take a look at these new colors!

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You can purchase the Grow Up Booster or any of the other Mutsy products here.

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