Vasseur Beauty Pillow (The Anti-Wrinkle Pillow) Review and Giveaway

What a Mom Wants #6

Every mom wants and need her beauty sleep! Let me introduce the Vasseur Beauty Pillow.

This Beauty Pillow is the product of Vasseur Skincare. Melanie Vasseur is a cosmetic chemist, esthetician and founder of Vasseur Skincare and Day Spa. After years if skin problems that brought embarrasment and a low self image she made it her mission to help others avoid going through the same thing. Melanie started out her skin care line using fresh, natural and highly-potent ingredients. Now 20 years later Melanie’s exclusive fresh, natural and professional strength products have produced amazing results for her thousands of devoted clients.

What is Vasseur Beauty Pillow? The Beauty Pillow is a specially designed pillow (patent pending) that protects your face from wrinkles while you sleep. When sleeping on normal pillows, you are actually ironing wrinkles into your skin over time, while at the same time exposing your skin to bacteria. The Beauty Pillow comes in a beautiful luxurious satin pillowcase, which reduces the press and pull of fabric on the skin and hair. The pillow is uniquely designed to comfortably support and cradle your head while keeping your delicate facial tissues away from the pillow. The results are healthy younger looking skin. The Vasseur Beauty Pillow has been endorsed by numerous professionals including chiropractors, dermatologists, general surgeons and plastic surgeons, and has become a “sleeper hit” with our clients over the past 15 years.

The Beauty Pillow immediately caught my attention and I had to try it!  As the mom of a 5 and 18 month old it seems like I have not had a full nights sleep in years. And many days I feel like my skin shows it! The puffy eyes and wrinkles are my enemy! I feel like I look years older some days. I was thrilled when my beauty pillow arrived and could not wait to try it out.

I found the Vasseur Beauty Pillow very comfortable. I loved the way it supported my head. A am a side sleeper and honestly loved the way it formed to my head!I have tried MANY pillows! I have down alternative, firm, ultra soft, foam and many others. But I have to say this supports my head and face better than the others. AIt does not move around during the night. I was amazed at how I woke up still laying on my beauty pillow! And with the beauty pillow I do not wake up with the creases on my face!

The satin was so soft and felt cool on my skin.They use satin because it does not absorb products from your skin like silk does. I was very impressed that my skin looked great when woke up! And not just my skin! My HAIR looked good too! It was amazing how my hair was better from the beauty pillow too!

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