Fun & Frugal Craft For Kids – Earth Day Craft

Each week Mom on Dealz brings us Fun and Frugal activities for kids. This week is an Earth Day Craft! Thank you Mom on Dealz!

Each week I bring you crafts to do with your child that are both frugal and
educational. With Earth Day this week, I thought it would be appropriate to
have that as a theme.

Craft #1
Coffee Filter Earth
-coffee filters
-green and blue markers

1. Have your child color the coffee filter with blue and green markers.
2. Cut out a circle to represent the Earth.
3. Spray the coffee filter with water and allow to dry.
4. The final product is very delicate-use this to discuss with your child how
delicate the Earth is and list ways to take care of it ( reduce, reuse, recycle,

Craft #2
Nature Binoculars
-2 Toilet Paper Rolls
-Square Piece of Cardboard (from cereal or other food box) cut 2X6
-Decorative Accents (markers, glitter, sequins, feathers, pebbles, etc)

1. Decorate the toilet paper rolls and square in your own designs.
2. Glue the rolls to the edges of the 2X6 cardboard piece.
3. Explore your back yard with your child and their new binoculars. Discuss all
the plants and animals and the things we can do to protect them (i.e. don’t
litter, use less water, etc).