Gas Prices in My City – Oh My! #MurphyUSA #collectivebias

Yes I am talking about Gas Prices! Oh my! Doesn’t the topic just make you want to cry or maybe scream? It keeps getting higher and higher. And with the summer right around the corner this is definitely something that is affecting out summer plans.

We almost always get our gas at Murphy USA . It has become habit for us. Mostly because it is so convenient and I like to support American companies. I have also started using their great new app!

With prices soaring it has become necessary to shop around and check out the competitors prices.  Normally I use the Murphy USA app for this but I wanted to see for myself! Here is a slideshow via of the gas prices in my area.


After comparing the prices in our area I realized they are all within a few pennies of each other. Now LOL&C is all about saving our pennies! So that may seem like a small difference but it is not! Those pennies add up! You can see in my slides that it takes alot to fill up my car. So do I think about those few penny differences? Yes I sure do!

I appreciate the gas stations like Murphy USA who are conscience of the competitors prices and work hard to bring us the cheapest gas in town!

Disclosure: This “story”/blog post has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and MurphyUSA. All photos and opinions are always 100% mine!

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