Photos on Will and Kate with Songstress Laura Warshauer

A few days ago I shared the adorable song from song writer and performer Laura Warshauer. You can read all about her here.She attended school with Prince William and Katie Middleton.

Today I was sent these FUN pictures of Laura Warshauer with the royal couple from their days back at St Andrews College in Scotland!

I love that this is a real couple! I have been watching all the coverage and I have not seen many photos like this. Laura created this adorable photo montague with her song “To Will and Kate Meet me at Exit 109.” I love this! ENJOY!

Laura Warshauer – “To Will and Kate, Meet Me at Exit 109″ performance/photo montage from Scott Ross on Vimeo.



Laura Warshauer
The Pink Chariot Mixtape
Release: Spring/Summer 2011 – CD & Digital Format

Disclosure: Information courtesy of Muse Box. I was not compensated for this post. This post is for information purposes only

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