Frugal Recipe of the Week (Homemade Donuts)

Budget Savvy Diva is here to help you eat well for less :) So check back every Monday for another frugal eats recipe

Homemade Donuts

This recipe is cheap and easy to make!


Refrigerated canned biscuits (the cheapest work best)
Cinnamon and sugar, mixed together for coating
Deep fryer with oil (350-375 degrees)


Take a small film container and press it into the center of each biscuit making
donut and hole… then put into heated oil to fry. Turn donuts after the first
side is browned nicely. When done, remove from oil immediately and coat in
cinnamon sugar. I put mine in a plastic zip bag and shake well to coat.

These are best eaten the same day! Thank you Budget Savvy Diva!