Update on my Niece & Prayers still needed

First I have to say thank you so much for the overwhelming support and prayers for my niece, Addison. I have been so touched! I wanted to update you all on Addison’s progress.
As I posted yesterday, Addison was born at 35 weeks and is in the NICU. The picture above is her yesterday morning. Last night was really rough. The Doctors noticed she was not doing as well as she had been and after tests they discovered a hole in her lung. They did an emergency procedure on her to insert a tube. The procedure was successful and she did great.

Today has been hard. There has not been any good news. Her oxygen levels (from her blood gas tests)  have actually gotten a bit worse. They increased the oxygen being given by the machines to help.

She is proving to be a VERY strong little girl! I know that she will make it through this! I did not get to see her today so I do not have a new picture to share.

I am going to share all of your comments with my brother and his wife. The stories of you all who have been through this are so encouraging. I KNOW they will appreciate reading them. It helps to know others have been through this and made it out OK!  If you have any advice, suggestions, or sources to share please do!

All of the prayers and love are being felt! Thank you all so much!

  • Maria J

    My family and Church continues to pray for baby Addison, as a mother of twins that spent a while in NICU and a aunt of a nephew born at 24 weeks and spent many months in NICU, and as a nurse that has worked there also, i know what you and your family is going through. The chest tube will take care of the whole in the lung and you will soon see improvement, and shes a baby girl and they are always so much stronger, it just takes her little body to adjust and kick into fighting, and trust me, it will feel like you take one step forward and two backwards for awhile. May God bless and be with your family.

  • Robie Kinsley

    My daughter was born 6 weeks early. She was very sick, with tubes in her nose, throat, and umbilical cord stub. Not to mention all of the wires and monitors hooked up on her tiny body. Well, she was in NICU for 3 weeks. I didn’t even get to hold her for over a week. Well, that was 18 years and 1 month ago. Next Monday, my 6′ tall blonde, beautiful, baby girl will graduate from high school. In June, she begins pre med. Her goal is to be a Neonatologist so she can help other babies. I am here to tell you, its a tough road, but the blessings and rewards make it worth while. If you have any questions, u can message me, and I will do my best to help.

  • I am praying! My niece Bryleigh was born at 32 weeks in March and was in NICU for about a month. She is doing fantastic after a scare. Praying she makes a quick recovery!!

  • D Schmidt

    Thinking of you and your family x

  • Terri S.

    When I go to church tomorrow morning, I will light a candle for Addison and continue my prayers for her. Whenever I look at my brother’s daughter, I can’t believe that she was only a little over a pound at birth when she was born very prematurely. The doctors didn’t give my brother & sister-in-law much hope of her survival. My niece proved him wrong. Today, you would never know that this healthy, beautiful young woman of 18 years had spent her first months in the hospital. May God bring all of you strength as you work through these difficult days.

  • Hugs to you and your family!! Keep fighting Addison! Even among all the tubes she still looks like a beautiful little girl! How scary this time must be for you all.

  • awwww, she’s precious. As a former labor & delivery nurse I saw many, many premature births and just keep in mind that 35 weeks has a great prognosis. I’m sure she feels all the love your family has for her and will fight hard. Babies are tough, especially little girls! Saying a prayer that she gets strong enough to go home with her mom and dad very soon!

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  • I don’t have any advice as I’ve never had to deal with NICU very long (2 of my babies were in for observations after they were born for 12 hours due to breathing for one and the other was because they really bruised her up good with the forceps)
    Anyways…..offering my prayers! Thanks for the update

    Nicky @ Mommy on the Move