Dating on a Dime (Take Time To Swing)

How long has it been since you and your “other half” were on a date? If you are like me you are sitting there trying to remember. Has it been that long? Seems like everyone is cutting back their spending and trying to save more. But it is so important that we continue some things like spending quality time with our significant other. Not only do we deserve it, we NEED it! Madame Deals and Living on Love and Cents have teamed up to bring you Dating on a Dime. Go here to see the previous posts.This week Madame Deals is bringing us a great idea!

I know this may sound funny going to the playground with your spouse or loved one. I guess I would have to ask why? Does your relationship have fun, imagination, and spontaneity? I spent last Saturday night at the mall playground with my husband. We were watching our kids run all over the place and I asked him, ” if this is how he saw our life together? “He just smile and said, “absolutely.” I sometimes forget that it doesn’t matter where you are it is who your with.

I thought wouldn’t it be fun to grab a swing and sit and chat. I believe the simplest of moments create the best memories.

Where was your best date ?


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  • This is a great article! We sometimes get sooooooo busy with everyday life, and the kids and responsibilities, we don’t take time to just “do nothing” together.
    My favorite date with my husband is from a long time ago, shortly after we started dating. We spent the evening walking along the beach, down the pier, just enjoying being close.
    He had plans to take me back to the beach to ask me to marry him there, but we had 2 beach trips that got “hurricane’d out” that summer, so after having the ring for about 3 months, he finally took the opportunity after we had gone for a walk around the neighborhood where he had bought his house (we picked out together, knowing it would be “ours” in the future), then were stargazing on the back deck, and he asked me at the back door as we were getting ready to go back inside.
    Wonderful memories of just some “down-time” together! We definitely need to do that more often!