Treasure Hunt WINNERS

Thank you all for making our FIRST Treasure Hunt a HUGE success! We are looking forward to bringing you more in the future!

And now…The moment you have been waiting for! WINNERS!

Below is the Blog Name, Prize They Offered and the WINNER

Madame Deals 100 Cut Coupons–#50 Cristina Driver

Living on Love and Cents $5 Paypal–#157  Jill Hayes

Mama Loves Her Bargains $5 Paypal–#81 Cristy Rogers

Budget Savvy Diva $5 Paypal–#68 Dawn Schmidt

Frugal Living Luxury Style 100 Cut Coupons–#113  Melody Janssen

Just Trying the Save Money 100 Cut Coupons– #58 Mary Polzella

Mom on Dealz $5 Paypal–#91  Britnee Torres

The Coupon Challenge –#17 Brandi Price

If you are a winner please visit the blog offering your prize  and claim your prize. Congratulations!

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  1. Jill Hayes says:

    Hi!!! I’m here to claim my prize!! So excited! Is this what I need to do to claim my prize!! Thank you to so much! My email is in the form for the contest and posted above so I will wait to hear from you?! :)

  2. Jill Hayes says:

    The email I posted in this form to reply is my paypal address. I didn’t want to post it publicly in the comment. But you should see it in my reply on the form, right? Just let me know by sending me an e-mail if you can see it in the form. Thanks!

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